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Where have your children guided you? What have you discovered by allowing them to be your teachers? ⁣

In Chancla Culture and in colonialist paradigms, children are to be seen and not heard, much less given the autonomy to lead the way. ⁣

Many of our power struggles come from our inability to allow them the small but powerful gift of their sovereignty. ⁣

Yes, boundaries and limits as we guide them are necessary, but many times there are ways that ALL of our needs can be met, if we are open to surrendering to all of the ways that we DON’T have to be in control. ⁣

This shit is the HARDEST. But it’s the work and the path we choose to walk as we decolonize our familias, keep relationship at the center, and, as best as we can, attempt to release rigid expectations and surrender control of the unique design and purpose of our children‘s unfolding. ⁣

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#LatinxParenting #EndChanclaCulture #RaisingFutureAncestors #DecolonizeOurFamilias #IJustWantMiGenteToHeal #TheCycleStopsConmigo

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Community Platica: Sara Yungbar, teacher for OUTSCHOOL.com. In this Community Platica, Latinx Parenting kicks off our partnership with @outschool and we speak with one of their star 🌟 Maestras, @superlatinanerd Sara Yungbar and we talk about

•Sara’s journey to becoming an Outschool teacher
•Some of her favorite classes which include Little Latinitas which feature incredible Latina historical figures that are not often highlighted
•Outschool’s wealth of resources for anything and everything your children could possibly be interested in
•Her methods for keeping even little ones engaged during her classes

We’re also hosting a giveaway for 11 TICKETS to our A Mi Manera workshop November 20th, sponsored by @outschool



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Every time I hear someone who speaks broken English I admire that they know two languages (maybe more). I opted to learn French in high school and having Spanish fluency and literacy allowed me to pick it up quickly. Yes, they are European languages and there's grief that I don't know Raramuri (except for a few words and phrases) PERO I think it's awesome that language is a way that I can own that I am both de aqui Y de alla. ⁠

My mom migrated here at 14. My dad was a little older. Both of them speak in broken accented English, but I'm in awe that they learned a whole ass new language in a whole new country. ⁠

I admire their commitment to learning a new language and society. The courage to try to break out of what they know and communicate in a whole new way. It's pretty chingon. ⁠

Admiro quien son y lo que nos esta ensanando. Que nunca es muy tarde para aprender.⁠

#LatinxParenting #EndChanclaCulture #RaisingFutureAncestors #DecolonizeOurFamilias #IJustWantMiGenteToHeal #TheCycleStopsConmigo

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Reclaiming our Familias.
Reclaiming Ourselves.
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