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Bienvenidos a Escuelita! Welcome to Escuelita!

Escuelita is the dedicated learning space within our NEW membership community, El Pueblito. Inside Escuelita you can get access to all of our public workshops, courses, trainings, and events. It’s the place where you can watch replays of the offerings you signed up for, but most importantly, it’s the place where you can engage in discussion and build communidad with other cycle breakers like you.
People learn best in community, en círculo, in collective. Our shared stories, experiences, insights, and learnings can deepen our learning and support us to take action on the new concepts we’ve been learning.

That’s why we added a community component to each of our offerings and gathered them within Escuelita inside our community space hosted within the Circle platform.

We're so happy you're here. ❤️

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About Escuelita


We believe that true thriving and growing happen in community. That's why our comunidad is so important to us, and why we encourage our people to root into a collective mindset. Our courses however, didn't address this deep belief so we had to do something about it. Escuelita was born out of our desire to create a richer, more meaningful experience for all of our offerings. Escuelita opens more space for our students and community members, like you, to discuss and connect with like-minded gente who are on a journey to decolonize themselves, heal their lineages, and create a thriving future for our people. We're so happy you're part of this journey with us ❤️

How it works

We've streamlined the process to make it simple for you

4 Easy steps to get access to Escuelita
Step 1
Select your course, then click the BUY NOW button to select your payment option and make your purchase by entering your name, email address, and payment card on the checkout page.
Step 2
Once purchased, you'll be able to immediately access the workshop space in Circle by clicking the link on the success page. You'll also receive an email confirmation of your purchase with this link in case you can't do it immediately.
Step 3
When you click the link, you'll be prompted to create your Circle community profile and receive full access to the workshop comunidad as well as the recording & materials.
Step 4
Once you're in, say Hola! by creating a post to introduce yourself to the comunidad! Be sure not to miss this crucial step and that's how we'll get to know you and start building connections!

Meet your maestra

Leslie Priscilla
Hola, queridos! Soy Leslie Priscilla. I'm a first-generation non-black Chicana mother to three bicultural children. I’m a descendant of Indigenous Tarahumara Rarámuri and Spanish lineages, and I’ve resided on occupied Tongva and Acjachemen land, a.k.a Orange County, CA, all my life.

I’ve been working with children, caregivers, and familias for over 14 years, both as a teacher and through work with various mental health organizations throughout Orange County. But now I share my medicine with you all through Latinx Parenting, the bilingual organization I founded.

Latinx Parenting is rooted in children's rights, social & racial justice, and antiracism, and offers family education and support that is trauma-informed, healing-centered, amplifying of our strengths, advocacy, and culturally sustaining of and for the Latinx community and its allies.

Through curated and passionate content, workshops, and courses, Latinx Parenting supports parents, caregivers, and former Latinx children to heal their lineages, raise thriving future ancestors, and create more connection with themselves, their children, and their cultura. My belief is that through this work we can leave a legacy of thriving for our gente. I’m so happy that you’re with us on this journey!

Frequently asked questions

Escuelita is Latinx Parenting’s learning platform and community for our public workshops, courses, trainings, and events. It’s both the place where you can watch replays of the offerings you signed up for and the place where you can engage in discussion and build community with other participants.

You get access to Escuelita by enrolling in one of our offerings. Upon enrolling you receive access to the community space you paid for as well as to La Plazita, the space where every enrolled student and community member can gather to discuss and build community.

Unless otherwise noted, all workshops and courses are recorded versions of our offerings. Our Intensives are only offered twice a year and are offered live via zoom. You may pre-enroll for the next session at any time.

Yes, once you’ve purchased access to one of our workshops or courses, you’ll have LIFETIME access to go back and revisit the material at any time.

At this time only our workshop offerings have Spanish translation is available. If available, you will receive access to the translation immediately after registering. Por ahora hay traducción al español disponible para nuestros talleres. Recibirá acceso inmediatamente después de registrarse.

We’re glad to hear our offerings resonate with you! At this time, only our Latinx Parenting Professionals Intensive, as well as our Decolonized Nonviolent Parenting Workshop and the 6-week series, are open to relevant supportive allies of Latinx & BIPOC. Our aim is to cultivate spaces that truly serve the people they’re meant to.

Maravilloso! You can definitely gift one of our offerings to a friend or loved one. Since our courses are accessed digitally, it is important for us to have each participant’s email address, so please provide the email address of the INTENDED RECIPIENT on the checkout page, then pay with your payment method. Then be sure to share the good news with the person you gifted our offering to right away to confirm they received their digital product since links our links have expiration dates.

We’re so grateful! In order to keep track of participants, and be able to effectively communicate with each participant, we require separate checkout transactions with a unique email address for each participant. If you are with an organization or otherwise wish to purchase more than 6 tickets, email info@latinxparenting.org to inquire about a group rate or alternate billing arrangements.

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