decolonized nonviolent parenting

Introductory Workshop

A primer workshop for Latinx, Chicanx, & BIPOC parents, caregivers & allies who want to build a more connected relationship with their children and plant seeds for more liberated futures for our gente & society.

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The healing that our society so desperately needs begins at home.

Whether we fully realize it or not, how we parent has implications far beyond what happens in our homes and what happens in our children’s lives. It makes an impact in our society not just today, but in the future. 

The children we have now will be the grown ups of our future and what they learn in each of our homes will inform the society and culture they create. That means that through our parenting we have the opportunity to impact the future state of our society.

Our Decolonized Nonviolent Parenting Introductory course is our primer workshop for parents who are interested in building a more connected relationship with their children while planting seeds for a more liberated future for our people and our society.  

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Healing & Liberation Require Intention 

In order to heal you must understand what needs to be healed and where the wounding came from. The same applies to liberation. We must understand the areas of oppression within us and understand the context that bred that oppression.

Our DNVP intro workshop is intentionally designed to give you the foundation for planting the seeds of healing and liberation in your relationship with your niñes, your familia, and your home.

Here's what DNVP will support you with: 

Releasing any parental guilt and shame when you've acted or may  act out of alignment with Nonviolence 

Gaining insight into the historical, systemic, and familial roots of our own behaviors, as well as our children’s

practices that aid in developing emotional intelligence, autonomy, confidence, & honoring Other's needs

Strategies to implement with yourself that model healthy behavior for your children and family

Guidance on how to introduce & initiate practices that are in alignment with raising liberated families

"lo and behold the behavior stopped MUCH quicker"

A few days after the workshop, my child was having a tantrum. Prior to the workshop, my go-to would be to silence her and tell her to be quiet. I would belittle her emotions and not hold any space for her.

When this tantrum came up, I wanted to resort to what I usually say and do. But instead, I was able to look within and tell myself and say, "Wow self, you’ve been SO hurt that it's hard for you to empathize with your child. You never had space held for your feelings, no wonder it's hard for you to hold space for your child. How would it have made you feel if you DID have empathy and space held for you? model it for her!"

What happened next? I dried her tears and just held her. And lo and behold the behavior stopped MUCH quicker than if I would have tried to quiet her down or make her feel like her emotions weren't acceptable.
— Star L
Enroll for $47-77

decolonized nonviolent parenting

Introductory Workshop

A primer workshop for Latinx, Chicanx, & BIPOC parents, caregivers & allies who want to build a more connected relationship with their children and plant seeds for more liberated futures for our gente & society.
Get Access for $47-77

Deep work Requires Intentional Space

We're very intentional about the space we create within all of our workshops. Experience and context matters. To protect that space we have requirements about who is invited into the space. Please review our specifications below:

ONLY the following People are invited to attend:

You identify as a Latinx/Chicanx/BIPOC parent or caregiver
You are not or not yet a parent or caregiver but identify with having had parents who have roots in 'Latino America', these include immigrant parents, first and second-generation U.S. born Latinx self-identified parents
You do not identify as Latinx/Chicanx/BIPOC but are in partnership with a Latinx/Chicanx/BIPOC person either by marriage or otherwise
You are an ally or a professional that is part of a group/organization that advocates for Latinx/Chicanx/BIPOC families
If any of the above apply to you and this event speaks to you, you are encourage to enroll. Please feel free to email us at info@latinxparenting.org with any questions.
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Meet Your Maestra

Leslie Priscilla
Hola, queridos! Soy Leslie Priscilla. I'm a first-generation Chicana mother to three children and the founder of Latinx Parenting, a bilingual organization rooted in children's rights, social & racial justice, and antiracism, with the goal of supporting parents, niñes, and families through the active decolonizing of oppressive practices and mindsets in our parenting & reparenting.

I’ve been working with children, caregivers, and familias for over 14 years, both as a teacher and through work with various mental health organizations throughout Orange County. But now I share my medicine with you all through through Latinx Parenting.

Through curated and passionate content, workshops and courses, we offer family education and support that is trauma-informed, healing-centered, amplifying of our strengths, advocacy, and culturally sustaining of and for the Latinx community and its allies.

My belief is that that through this work we can leave a legacy of thriving for our gente and cultura. I’m so happy that you’re with us on this journey!

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Every part of the process is taken care of for you. If you there's anything we can clarify for you or if you need additional support please send your request to info@latinxparenting.org.
Get Access for $47-77

Frequently asked questions

Yes, this is a recording of our most recent and updated version of our core Decolonized Nonviolent Parenting Introductory Workshop. You’ll get access to it via our Escuelita, which is housed in Circle.

Yes, Spanish translation is available for this workshop. You will receive access immediately after registering. Sí, la traducción al español está disponible para este taller. Recibirá acceso inmediatamente después de registrarse.

We’ve opened up a community space for every workshop and course offering we have for no additional fee. People learn in community and we hope this benefit cultivates the learning experience we aim to nurture as well as further our movement to #EndChanclaCulture.

We’re glad to hear this workshop resonated with you! This workshop is specifically for people who identify as Latinx or who closely work with Latinx children & families in their profession. We will have other relevant offerings available soon. In the meantime, we wish you well on your decolonized parenting journey.

Feel free to send your questions to info@latinxparenting.com

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