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Familias Photoshoot

 · May 7, 2021

April 2020 to April 2021 brought so much expansion to Latinx Parenting and there is so much gratitude for it.   Our team grew and our website needed to catch up with this expansion too.  In March 2021 our Community Partnership Coordinator, and also photographer, Karissa Raya, photographed 7 families for our branded media and new website relaunch.    It was our first project like this and we look forward to our next familias photoshoot one day! 

Here’s what some of the parents had to share about their experience:


Everyone did a fabulous job in creating a safe space (physically, emotionally, etc.) wherein we could remain present and share our lives with you. I am grateful that my daughter and I were able to participate in this experience with you. It gave us an opportunity to create new memories while reflecting on our past. I was also very proud to show my little one how powerful Latinx women are and how she can continue to use her voice and claim her space in our world. Seeing the world through her eyes reminds me how much representation matters. Muchísimas gracias!

—Alva Alvarez

It was a wonderful and warm experience. We have never had our family photos taken ever so we were all very excited.

—Heidi Lopez-Seid

The stories that the families shared with us were so heartwarming and combined with the photographs will melt your heart. 

Zornoza-Garcia Family

“It starts with the matriarch of the family; my mother Isabel; she came to this country in hopes of providing a better education for her Deaf children. I am the last of seven children and growing up with my family, mostly Deaf; it was definitely an experience I wouldn’t trade. My illiterate mother made sure with her limited experience in this country that we had everything we needed. With her hard work, she accomplished it! I admit I was a typical teenager living the rebellious American lifestyle and in hindsight didn’t accept where I came from; dealing with many identity issues from wanting to be Deaf like my family, to questioning who I am as a Chicana. I really look up to my mother and forgive her for her upbringing which reflected a lot on how she raised us. It really puts everything into perspective on how I raise my girls, and admire the very hands that made our tortillas, boiled our frijoles, charred our salsa to caressing my hair, and giving me the perseverance to push forward. Ama, you are my world and I can’t express enough how much I value you; Siempre eres mi reina. Te amo!”

—Zornoza-Garcia Family

Alva on her daughter Emma: 

“She is a fierce social advocate and is quick to advocate for others when needed. She has a voice and she is unapologetic about it. Through her I see the child I was unable to be when I was growing up and I applaud her and encourage her as much as I can. She makes me a better version of myself. We now live with my parents and I often find myself re-parenting my parents and myself because I do not want her to grow up with the same hurtful cycles I grew up in.”

—Alva on her daughter Emma

Alva and Emma looking  through Alva’s quinceañera album for the first time together.  It was such a precious moment to see the laughs, hear the stories and the details as Alva remembers them.  

Silvia on persevering:

Our immediate family consists of myself and my two boys, Héctor (13 yo) and Mateo (9 yo). Their father and I separated 5 years ago and the divorce was finalized in 2018. It has been a difficult journey learning to be a single mother while working full time and being the sole provider for my boys and also completing a master’s program in the process. We have gone through many ups and downs but are working through them and trying to explore different ways for our family to bond and grow stronger.


We hope you can feel the intention and love through these photos. You can Karissa’s website here: www.olivelavida.com and if you’re local to Orange County, California she is available for hire! 


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Our obsession with @encantomovie continues over here at Team Latinx Parenting!⁠

⁠We have so much admiration for this film and the many hidden gems inside. ❤️⁠

One of the discussions we've had was about who the villain is? And for us, it was clear that it was intergenerational trauma, which manifested through Abuela's holding on so tightly in the hopes of controlling the sufferings of the past from repeating themselves. This led to her holding on to everything in life so tightly including the family members whom she loved and intended to protect to a crushingly high set of expectations. ⁠

⁠And if we really think about it, we all do this at some level or another. We all hold on so tightly trying to control outcomes that we lose sight of what is in front of us. We lose sight of the fact that we're here to live and be and love. That's not to say that we don't grow, but that we grow healthily. ⁠

⁠Remember, mi gente, you are the gift! Not who you were supposed to be, not how you were supposed to behave, not what you brought to the table, but YOU. You as you are, are the real gift.⁠

It's time we stop hiding parts of ourselves in the hopes of not disappointing our family and losing the affection of our loved ones, it's time to tear down the roles we picked up in the hopes that fulfilling them will get us the love we need. It's time to see all of ourselves and decide that we are lovable as we are. It's time to heal, mi gente. ⁠

And let's not hold on so tight, yeah? Let's shake "the crushing weight of expectations" and open up some room for joy!⁠

You are healing, you are breaking cycles, and you are beautiful! 🔥⁠

Wanna share? What patterns are you breaking? What roles are you dropping? 👇🏽⁠

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I've said this before and I'll say this again.⁠

Normalize love. ⁣⁠

Normalize healthy limits within unconditional acceptance. ⁣⁠

Normalize interdependence.⁣⁠

Normalize being their warmth and their home.⁣⁠

Normalize collectivist values. ⁣⁠

Normalize adult accountability. ⁣⁠

Normalize child honoring as our ancestors did.⁣⁠

Normalize safety.⁣ 💛 ⁣⁣⁠

My commitment to reflecting, setting new intentions, learning, and shifting towards better practices is consistent and fierce. And honestly, I teach this and am intense about it because it keeps ME accountable to this movement to #endchanclaculture. ⁣⁣⁠

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