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Help us meet our fundraising goal of $20k 

Latinx Parenting has quickly grown over the last couple of years and while we do our best to provide Spanish content or translation whenever possible, we’re still not where we’d like to be! Many of you have reached out to us requesting Spanish content and we’ve heard you loud and clear!

Of course, great things don’t happen overnight, and we could use a little support! In an effort to make Spanish content more readily available,  funds we raise will go to offering our Spanish-speaking community TWO FREE introductory workshops: Crianza Consciente en Comunidad and Criandome, Cuidándome: Reparentarnos Mientras Criamos a Nuestros Niñes.

Did you know….
We offer free or reduced cost workshops to the community year round! Yes, that’s right! This is made possible through subsidies by Latinx Parenting and donations from partnership AD dollars that help fund our scholarships.

Help us give more to the community!


free Community workshops

Donate seats to our upcoming FREE workshops in Spanish!

$40 Sponsor one spot
$80 Sponsor two spots
$150 Sponsor four spots

Meet our supporters

Thanks to Mamás con Poder & Zocalo Health for their support in meeting more than 50% of our goal!
Ad partner request info email: info@latinxparenting.org

🎨: @beverlylove

It's always so interesting and a true gift to see what our kids choose to be for Halloween when given total choice over their costumes. 🤩

May we always encourage our children to freely express every aspect of themselves and not project our own old socially-constructed programming about what they “should” do, like, or be in this world. Let's give them the autonomy to decide and embrace the things they show interest in. 🎃 ⁣⁠

And also, let's not forget---it's also up to us to guide children in understanding that **CULTURE IS NOT A COSTUME** so that we can, as a family, be careful and conscious⁣ about the harms of appropriation. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁠

⁣What costumes did your children choose this year? ⁣👻⁠

#Halloween #LatinxParenting #EndChanclaCulture #RaisingFutureAncestors #DecolonizeOurFamilias #IJustWantMiGenteToHeal #thecyclestopsconmigo

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Parents & adults—I know it’s Monday but let’s enjoy some Halloween fun! Give yourselves permission to not take yourselves super seriously today, K?! JUEGA! PLAY! Use this opportunity to let your inner child shine and play, too. Your children will appreciate it far beyond Halloween. 🥰

So, what are you dressing up as today? What about your kids⁉️ 

Happy Halloweeeeen, everyone! 🤩

#Halloween #LatinxParenting #EndChanclaCulture #RaisingFutureAncestors #DecolonizeOurFamilias #IJustWantMiGenteToHeal #TheCycleStopsConmigo

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