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Emily Yáñez, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist w/ Specialization in Latinx Families

Emily works with adolescents and transitional aged youth (16-24), and she also loves to work with creatives and people plagued by the effects of “hustle culture”. “As a first generation Mexican American, I am passionate about helping other “first gen” individuals navigate the challenges that come with that”.

She has a long history working with non-profit mental health, serving children, adults, and families who are affected by chronic mental illness, substance abuse issues, those experiencing domestic violence, as well as DCFS and probation involvement.

She does in-person in Huntington Beach and virtual for anyone in CA.

IG: @wakeupdreambig

Corazón Counseling

Our offerings come from a place of love and liberation knowing that healing only takes place when we address the whole person and their environment. We understand how current social systems negatively impact the wellbeing of our communities, especially mothers. We are committed to facilitate not only from a culturally centered and trauma informed place but utilize liberatory and decolonial frameworks that serve as the basis of all our services at Corazon Counseling.

Latinx Therapy

Latinx Therapy was founded in 2018 with the mission to destigmatize mental health in the Latinx community. Since then, we have expanded to become a bilingual podcast and national directory to find a Latinx Therapist (98% of our directory are Spanish speakers). Latinx Therapy strives to provides culturally-grounded workshops and services to our community.

Nancy Ortiz, LCSW, Sex Therapist | De la Tierra Wellness Collective

De la Tierra Wellness Collective was born out of the desire to connect community based wellness providers, healers, thinkers, and the larger community to work towards emotional, psychological, sexual, and spiritual liberation and fulfillment. The name De la Tierra or “of the earth” is a derivation from Fanon’s Wretched of the Earth and my ancestral ties to Mexico’s rich lands of Guerrero.

Therapy for Latinx

Finding a therapist is a lot like starting any new relationship, you can’t just swipe right for the perfect match (although hopefully that will be a thing one day) You have to message them or give them a call. They most likely will not answer, don’t get discouraged. More than likely they are in session, leave a voicemail with your name and number so they can give you a call back.

Indigenous Circle of Wellness

Indigenous Circle of Wellness is a group private practice located in Southeast Los Angeles but provide tele-therapy throughout California. We provide quality mental wellness services, grounded in holistic healing (mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical balance) through a culturally inclusive approach. We value interdependence, family, community, healthy sustainable relationships, inclusion, and social justice.

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