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Top 10 Highlights of 2022

 · December 31, 2022


Leslie signed a book deal and it will be released in 2024! Make sure you’re following along on Instagram as she shares more about the process and any exciting updates that may arise.


Being able to host a work retreat in Rosarito, Mexico was a dream come true for Leslie and the Latinx ParenTeam. There’s really nothing like having a good brainstorming session overlooking the ocean! So many semillitas were planted for the future and we’re starting to see some of the fruits of our labor.


After what felt like a super long hiatus, Latinx Parenting safely returned to in-person events

In 2022, Leslie:
—Facilitated in-person workshops for the Olive Crest team
—Gave a keynote at Orange County's "Take Action for Mental Health" fair at the Santa Ana Zoo
—Facilitated for Vista Village's annual work meeting 
—Facilitated a reparenting workshop for the Promotoras of the East Los Angeles Women's Center 
& and more!


This year, Leslie and the Latinx ParenTeam hosted their 1st Annual Professionals Mixer for professionals in Southern California! What an honor and privilege it was to connect with old colleagues and meet new people eager to do their part to #EndChanclaCulture in the communities they serve. (We're doing it again in February! Stay tuned if you are local to Orange County, CA)


Our social media campaigns with some of our valued partners really made an impact in growing our Scholarship Fund. Thanks to Understood, Carnegie HallPlanned ParenthoodZócalo Health, and Mamás con Poder, we’ll be able to continue offering scholarships in 2023 to those who need them as well as offer a free workshop in Spanish in February 2023!


Our ongoing partnership with A Number Story and American SPCC continues to stay strong. Leslie is also officially in the American SPCC Trusted Parenting Network, alongside other well-respected and well-known parent coaches, mentors, and experts.


2022 was a year filled with exploration, good times, and unforgettable memories! The Latinx ParenTeam had a blast at Universal Studios, which was super healing for their inner niñes. Leslie and Karissa also attended and represented Latinx Parenting at the We All Grow Latina Summit in Palm Desert.


This year, we built our very own virtual school called Escuelita! You can now access all of our workshops, courses, and offerings in one easy place. With the launch of Escuelita, parents, caregivers, and former Latinx kids will also be invited to build community with others on a journey to #EndChanclaCulture.


Leslie recently traveled to Philadelphia for Mijente’s 2022 Lánzate Conference where she was one of their special guest speakers.


It’s been a year-long process, but we developed a virtual network on the platform Circle that will be launched soon! El Pueblito will be a place for connection, healing, and growing en comunidad. We can’t wait to share more updates with you as they come!

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🎨: @beverlylove

It's always so interesting and a true gift to see what our kids choose to be for Halloween when given total choice over their costumes. 🤩

May we always encourage our children to freely express every aspect of themselves and not project our own old socially-constructed programming about what they “should” do, like, or be in this world. Let's give them the autonomy to decide and embrace the things they show interest in. 🎃 ⁣⁠

And also, let's not forget---it's also up to us to guide children in understanding that **CULTURE IS NOT A COSTUME** so that we can, as a family, be careful and conscious⁣ about the harms of appropriation. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁠

⁣What costumes did your children choose this year? ⁣👻⁠

#Halloween #LatinxParenting #EndChanclaCulture #RaisingFutureAncestors #DecolonizeOurFamilias #IJustWantMiGenteToHeal #thecyclestopsconmigo

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Parents & adults—I know it’s Monday but let’s enjoy some Halloween fun! Give yourselves permission to not take yourselves super seriously today, K?! JUEGA! PLAY! Use this opportunity to let your inner child shine and play, too. Your children will appreciate it far beyond Halloween. 🥰

So, what are you dressing up as today? What about your kids⁉️ 

Happy Halloweeeeen, everyone! 🤩

#Halloween #LatinxParenting #EndChanclaCulture #RaisingFutureAncestors #DecolonizeOurFamilias #IJustWantMiGenteToHeal #TheCycleStopsConmigo

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