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Reparenting Ourselves While Raising Our Children

Gain the tools to reparent yourself while raising your own Learn practical skills to use your voice in uncomfortable situations.

Our children give us the opportunity to embody the kind of parents we wish we had had, not only as we raise them, but as we raise ourselves. Criándome, Cuidándome covers the fundamentals of Reparenting and how it can help us heal and prevent us from projecting our wounds onto our children.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside the Criándome, Cuidandome Introductory Workshop

What it means to "reparent" ourselves
How reparenting ourselves can help heal past and generational trauma
How cultural norms about gender and childhood impact the way we learn to handle our emotions when we’re children
How reparenting can be a way to reprogram our brains and soothe our central nervous system
How to overcome some of the challenges that arise when our children’s behaviors uncover our wounds
How to reconnect with our inner children and nurture them so that we can remain connected with and nurture our outer children

What our comunidad has to say

I feel like a better mother & more confident that i am doing my part to break toxic generational patterns...

"Criándome, Cuidándome Reparenting Ourselves Workshop was just what I was needing. The pain and trauma really of being not taken care of, seen, nurtured, and more comes up for me again and again as I learn to be a m/other for my sun. I desperately needed this workshop, and Leslie is such a grounding presence as well as a wealth of knowledge and grace. Thank you, Leslie, for helping me mother myself and model for my little one what health and healing looks like."
Cristina R.

The training offered validation that my feelings are normal and that it's a process to reparent myself

"The training offered validation that my feelings are normal and it’s a process to re-parent myself in order to meet the needs of my child. Practicing awareness without judgement of the triggers and working towards healing as I continue to meet my child’s needs."
Isabel L.

Your reparenting practice won’t end with the workshop…

Once you purchase this workshop, you’ll obtain lifetime access to the recording, as well as the opportunity to network and build communities with other people who have taken the workshop inside Escuelita. Because it takes a village, right? Having this support system will be so important as you continue on your parenting and reparenting journey. It’ll be especially important to have this community and support when you start putting what you’ve learned into practice. Because it may get messy at times. And you’ll need that support system to lean on when things get tough.

Here’s what’s included:

Unlimited access to the course after purchase.
Opportunity to build community in Escuelita.
Spanish Workshop available.
Additional hands-on tools and resources.

How It Works

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Once you're in, say Hola! by creating a post to introduce yourself to the comunidad! Be sure not to mis this crucial step and that's how we'll get to know you and start building connections!


Hola, queridos! Soy Leslie Priscilla. I’m a first-generation non-black Chicana mother to three bicultural children. I’m a descendant of Indigenous Tarahumara Rarámuri and Spanish lineages, and I’ve resided on occupied Tongva and Acjachemen land, a.k.a Orange County, CA, all my life.

I’ve been working with children, caregivers, and familias for over 14 years, both as a teacher and through work with various mental health organizations throughout Orange County. But now I share my medicine with you all through Latinx Parenting, the bilingual organization I founded.

Latinx Parenting is rooted in children’s rights, social & racial justice, and antiracism, and offers family education and support that is trauma-informed, healing-centered, amplifying of our strengths, advocacy, and culturally sustaining of and for the Latinx community and its allies.

Through curated and passionate content, workshops, and courses, Latinx Parenting supports parents, caregivers, and former Latinx children to heal their lineages, raise thriving future ancestors, and create more connection with themselves, their children, and their cultura. My belief is that through this work we can leave a legacy of thriving for our gente. I’m so happy that you’re with us on this journey!



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