decolonized nonviolent parenting

Learn a Practice for Raising Empathetic, Grounded, & Socially Conscious Kids

A 6-week learning series that supports parents, couples & caregivers to establish a practice of parenting through the lens of familial decolonization, nonviolence, reparenting and conscious child development that honors their journey and raises empathetic, grounded, and socially conscious children.
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Get Equipped to Build a More Connected Relationship With Your Children, Your Cultura, & Yourself

You’re here because you know that you’ve been entrusted with the sacred task of empowering and uplifting the children in your lives to have better lives than your ancestors.

You hope to raise children who build the world that is free of oppression and trauma that you desire. And know that your parenting is directly linked to doing that, and you want to:

Teach them how to navigate their emotions and resolve conflicts

Go after what they want in life using mindful strategies

But you’re realizing—maybe after having blow up at your kiddo or enacting the same exact strategies you’re trying to dismantle, and feeling completely at your wits end about how to parent in this way—that you’re not quite equipped to accomplish this alone.

You’re realizing that you need support and community to parent according to your vision to make a powerful impact on our mundo and do your part in building a more connected, healed, and decolonized cultura.

That’s where Our 6-week Decolonized Nonviolent Parenting Course comes in...
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decolonized nonviolent parenting

Learn a Practice for Raising Empathetic, Grounded, & Socially Conscious Kids

A 6-week learning series that supports parents, couples & caregivers to establish a practice of parenting through the lens of familial decolonization, nonviolence, reparenting and conscious child development that honors their journey and raises empathetic, grounded, and socially conscious children.
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A Parenting Course Made with You in Mind

For BIPOC by BIPOC and With Decolonization and Liberation At Its Core

The Decolonized Nonviolent Parenting (DNVP) Course self-paced 6-week series teaches parents, couples, and caregivers a framework for raising kids through the lens of familial decolonization and nonviolence, reparenting, social justice, child development, non-shaming, compassion, and mutual self-regulation.

Using reflective exercises, meaningful interaction, and guided activities, parents develop tools and learn how to implement effective strategies to support them raise empathetic, grounded, and socially conscious children while honoring their own journey of parenthood.

Through this course you'll:

Learn to tune into your child’s needs to practice co & self-regulation

Understand how your own development affects parenting challenges

practice loving acceptance & shed judgment toward yourself and others

Learn strategies for reparenting yourself with empathy and compassion

Learn to set boundaries with others whose values don’t align with yours

Get the chance to build community with other BIPOC parents with similar values

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What Alumni have said about 
The Decolonized Nonviolent Parenting 6-Week Sereis

"I received...a life-altering paradigm shift!"

Rather than offering quick parenting “fixes,” what I received from this course was a life-altering paradigm shift. As I continue to process the presentations, readings, and exercises offered in the modules, I find that I am questioning the things in the world around me that are interfering with my ability to be the kind of madre I want to be. I’m realizing that I've been allowing the weight and stress of other people’s expectations to get in the way of meeting my needs and the needs of my children. This course has taught me that I need to be firm about my boundaries, clear about my intentions, and more loving towards myself, which will influence my parenting for the better. I have been liberated by this course, and I am eternally grateful.
— Sarah D.

"Connecting with fellow parents...in a supportive, 
judgement free space was an absolute highlight!"

I've been exploring a new way to parent to break the generational cycles of parenting with fear but I couldn't find a book or program that felt like the right fit. The DNVP series has been an amazing way to really dig in, it provides guidance for nonviolent decolonized parenting with an understanding of the cultural elements that make this journey so challenging.  The community of fellow parents trying to implement DNVP was amazing! Connecting with fellow parents on this same path, and experiencing the same struggles in a supportive, judgment-free space was an absolute highlight. I feel more committed to my parenting vision, I feel more confident in being able to communicate my parenting and boundaries to friends and families, I have a better idea of how to respond to my child when they are upset and having a hard time, and feel like I can be more kind to myself. This is a lifetime journey but I feel ready and motivated. I'm so grateful for this series!

— Elizabeth P.

"My favorite part is the community of parents
I didn’t know I needed!"

This DNVP course was exactly what I needed to be the dad I want to be for my son. So much of my parenting journey has been unlearning unhealthy ways that don’t serve my son at all. It’s such a hard journey but it helps to have community resources like Latinx Parenting. My favorite part is the community of parents that came together through the course. That was a piece I didn’t know I needed! Thank you!
— D.J. J.
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Here's what you'll Receive In this Course

Through this one-of-a-kind course, you’ll shift the paradigm of your parenting to lay the foundation for a more connected relationship with your children, familia, & yourself.

This gives us the opportunity to heal our lineages, sustain and evolve our beautiful cultura, and make a powerful impact on our mundo.

Here's the content you'll receive access to:
Module 1: 
Intentions + A Decolonized Nonviolence Parenting Paradigm
Module 2: Deconstructing our Narratives, Thorns, & Activations
Module 3: Understanding the Brain, Emotional Intelligence, & Connecting Communication
Module 4: 
The Purpose of Anger & Befriending the Body
Module 5: Setting Limits Nonviolently without Punishments & Rewards
Module 6:
The Power of Play, Boundaries with Others, & Course Review with plans for Future Support
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You'll also receive...

Our aim is that participants feel equipped to build a practice of decolonized nonviolent parenting in their homes to support that process, here's what else is available for you to receive:
Decolonized Nonviolent Parenting (DNVP) manual
supportive community with like-minded parents
Guidance & Opportunities for continued support
Membership in a private DNVP Alumni group within Escuelita, our community hosted on Circle, to meet others on the same journey. You will meet others who are just starting, and also those who have been committed to this kind of parenting for years. And potentially, even make local connections within the group. Within Escuelita, you’ll receive opportunities for community building and furthering your learning beyond the scope of this Course.
Ability to upgrade into 2-3x/month Integration Sessions which are live community calls where coaching, resonance, holding, laughter, vulnerability, and in-te-gra-tion of the Latinx vision in our families. We discover how this can happen on a micro, intimate, and community-based level.
We commit to becoming advocates not only for our own children but those who may have the shared experience of being a parent trying to create peace in their families but often not having the tools to be able to do so.
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*equity-based payment options available

Meet Your Maestra

Leslie Priscilla
Hola, queridos! Soy Leslie Priscilla. I'm a first-generation non-black Chicana mother to three bicultural children. I’m a descendant of Indigenous Tarahumara Rarámuri and Spanish lineages, and I’ve resided on occupied Tongva and Acjachemen land, a.k.a Orange County, CA, all my life.

I’ve been working with children, caregivers, and familias for over 14 years, both as a teacher and through work with various mental health organizations throughout Orange County. But now I share my medicine with you all through Latinx Parenting, the bilingual organization I founded.

Latinx Parenting is rooted in children's rights, social & racial justice, and antiracism, and offers family education and support that is trauma-informed, healing-centered, amplifying of our strengths, advocacy, and culturally sustaining of and for the Latinx community and its allies.

Through curated and passionate content, workshops, and courses, Latinx Parenting supports parents, caregivers, and former Latinx children to heal their lineages, raise thriving future ancestors and create more connection with themselves, their children, and their cultura. My belief is that through this work we can leave a legacy of thriving for our gente. I’m so happy that you’re with us on this journey!

An Investment in Your Legacy

Decolonizing your parenting and getting equipped to parent nonviolently in even the most activating situations is an investment in your future legacy, in the narrative of your lineage, and in the future ancestors that you're raising.  

I made this course with the direct intention to support you with that purpose. 

Your investment in the course includes access to all 6 modules with:
6 workshop lessons ($1000 value)
40+ Exercises & worksheets ($200 value)
19 specially curated readings ($100 value)
27 specially curated videos ($100 value)
& Access to DNVP Course Community ($500 value)
***Total Course Value $2,000***
All for a One-Time Investment of 
3 Even Payments of $210
In the spirit of Justice & Equity, if the above payment options would cause financial strain, we invite you to make a request for more payment options via email to info@latinxparenting.org.
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Frequently asked questions

Yes, this is a recording of our signature Decolonized Nonviolent Parenting 6-week Series. You’ll receive access to it via our learning community, Escuelita, which is lives inside of the community platform, Circle.

Yes, once you’ve purchased this course, you’ll have LIFETIME access to go back and revisit the material at any time.

Unfortunately there is no Spanish translation available for this course at this time. But we hope to make it available in the future.

Desafortunadamente no hay traducción en español disponible para este curso. Pero esperamos ofrecer traducción en el futuro.

We’ve opened up a community space for every workshop and course offering we have for no additional fee. People learn in community and we hope this benefit cultivates the learning experience we aim to nurture for our offerings, and supports us in furthering our movement to #EndChanclaCulture.

Yes! This course is open to Latinx & BIPOC allies who are decolonizing their parenting journey. We’re glad to hear this workshop resonated with you! As an ally you’ll receive access to the learning community for the course you bought into and have an invitation for. 

You can definitely gift this course to a friend or loved one. Since our courses are accessed digitally, it is important for us to have each participant’s email address, so please provide the email address of the INTENDED RECIPIENT on the checkout page, then pay with your payment method. Then be sure to share the good news with the person you gifted our offering to right away to confirm they received their digital product since links our links have expiration dates.

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