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Latinx Parenting is honored to hold space for our community. We just want our gente to heal, and so we are always looking for ways to make this work accessible to our comunidad while supporting the labor of the Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color that make up the Latinx Parenting Team.

The Latinx Parenting Scholarship Fund was created to offer accessible options for Latinx/Chicanx/BIPOC folks to gain practical tools to decolonize their parenting, reconnect with ancestral wisdom as they reparent themselves and, ultimately, #EndChanclaCulture.

How is this possible? Up until spring 2021 Latinx Parenting offered scholarships to anyone that requested one, no questions asked, we trust you. Scholarships were subsidized by Latinx Parenting! We were happy to do it, but now we are looking to the future and sustainability for the growing team and costs of operating a digital business!

We are excited to announce that we will have quarterly ad sponsors whose dollars will go directly towards the scholarship fund. In this way we will have the capacity to give full and partial scholarships to our comunidad.

Don’t worry, the partners we welcome into our circle will be selected with so much care and attention.

We also always welcome and lovingly accept donations from the public. As a donor, your support will offer partial scholarships for Latinx parents and former Latinx children to participate in Trauma-Informed workshops, courses, training and support. On behalf of the Latinx families that are impacted by our services, thank you for your generous donation and commitment to End Chancla Culture!

latinx parenting!

Ad partner request info email: info@latinxparenting.org

Protect your children. Teach them what is love can feel like vs what love is not. Yes, we must respect our elders but that does not mean suppressing our own emotions to satisfy their need to feel in power. ⁠

We know we can do better so we are doing it. It's hard but it's going to be worth It. Te lo prometo. ⁠

Sigue pa' lante! 💗⁠

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Reclaiming our Familias.
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