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 · June 1, 2021
Leslie Priscilla

Latinx Parenting believes passionately in shifting the paradigm of raising children towards creating a trauma-informed, healing-centered, nonviolent, and cultural sustaining approach where Latinx familias can nurture connection in their homes and culture in ways that support individual, family, and intergenerational collective healing.

One simple step you can take in healing is by softening the voice in your mind with affirmations to cultivate an inner dialogue that is compassionate and loving.  Affirmations work so wonderfully to reframe the thoughts that float in our mind.  When we embark on a healing journey, this reframe and shift is a constant process.  Affirmations work best when you see them often! 

We look at our phones so often that making your lock screen an affirmation is a great way to incorporate affirmations into your life.  

Download affirmation phone wallpapers below!




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