Latinx Parenting Professional Intensive

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Reframing Latinx Family Traditions Toward the Preservation of Culture and Resilience for Bicultural Children and Families


The Latinx Parenting Professionals Intensive will be a thorough discourse of the present well-being of an ever-expanding and evolving Latinx family demographic within this country: Latin American origin families.

In this two-day, 8-hour training, service professionals and care providers like therapists, social workers, early childhood educators, childcare providers, clergy, and medical professionals will learn tools rooted in social justice, healing-centered engagement and cultural sustenance, and valuable new skills for supporting Latinx parents and children in their practice. These include immigrant parents, first and second-generation U.S.-born Latinx self-identified parents, and their children.

Participants in this workshop will come away with a holistic understanding of Latinx cultural and environmental circumstances pertaining to their unique parenting styles and intergenerational experiences and how to implement strategies with families that honor and sustain their cultural values respectfully.

We’ll review and discuss Trauma-Informed Care and Healing Centered engagement and its relevance to supporting Latinx communities in mental health and within family dynamics. You’ll receive and overview of historical oppression and its significance to Latinx communities and learn healing practices that are person-centered, trauma-informed, and strengths-based.

We will also take a look at the implications for therapists, teachers, family educators, and other practitioners and the importance of strength-based and culturally sustaining adaptations towards Latinx self-actualization and thriving rooted in social justice and nonviolence. 

During this course you will…

Identify 3 core strengths in Latinx Parenting practices that preserve family values and connection (clinical)
Explore 3 assessment tools for assessing Latinx Parenting practices in relation to abuse and child welfare allegations (clinical)
Recognize 5 cultural and environmental circumstances that influence the Latinx Parent’s behavior and intergenerational experiences (clinical)
Discuss 2 main culturally relevant, ethical considerations for supporting Latinx Parents in shifting their perspectives on child-raising (ethical)

What our comunidad has to say

This training is deep spiritual community work...

"This training is such beautiful work & gets to the heart of healing for so many. I am in deep gratitude and appreciation for bringing these lessons BACK to our hearts, minds, and spirits by reconnecting to ways that have been challenged by the traumas of colonization. As parents and clinicians, I appreciated being connected to our inner child to be able to show up in the world and healing work in a way that holds compassion and connection at the forefront of our interactions with our community we support. Being able to connect with so many amazing folks who are committed to shifting from a false "chancla" culture to one where everyone is honored with safety and well-being has been a long time coming. This training is deep spiritual community work. Thank you all for all your energia in bringing us together to continue the growth and healing that is inside our gente. We are the medicina. Thank you. Gracias. Tlazocamati."
Edmundo P.

I would definitely recommend

"If you're considering taking this training, you take that step to do it. It was a very powerful experience. I left with both concrete skills and information, but also a shifted sense of how to exist in this work and a different framework just for how I approach it."
Courtney M.

I experienced such a deep sense of honor for mi cultura, my ancestors, my family, my heritage, and myself

"And it gave me hope for the future of nuestra gente -- being able to celebrate, honor, and share in our experiences while helping other families, children, and adults heal from the pain that they've experienced."
Cindi R., wisdom-haired abuela

Leslie is a great facilitator that provides invaluable insight and wisdom as well as a nurturing, inclusive path forward to lift-up parents and children...

"Latinx professionals intensive is a thorough, well-prepared training for individuals serving Latinx families. This training provides a foundation for understanding the impact of oppression and intergenerational trauma on individuals and how this manifests into parenting practices. Beyond this it provides learning opportunities to understand how as service providers and advocates, we can best respond to parents and children. Leslie is a great facilitator that provides invaluable insight and wisdom as well as a nurturing, inclusive path forward to lift-up parents and children to support safety and thriving. When parents thrive, children thrive."

Be equipped to meet the Latinx children & familias you serve where they’re at

Our intention is that you walk away feeling fully supported and confident in serving Latinx families in a way that honors them and their unique experiences. Participants who attend at least one of the sessions live will receive access to the recording of our sessions, all presentation materials, and additional informative and useful resources. All of this will be found in our Escuelita space within the Circle platform, where all participants will be invited to join and become members. Once there, you’ll not only gain new information and skills to integrate into your lives and work but also the joy that comes with building connections with other people who also hold this vision and seek to integrate it in similarly powerful ways.

Here’s what you’ll walk away with…

Lifetime access to the recorded sessions
A supportive community with like-minded professionals
Access to additional resources, reading materials, and applicable tools to support the work you're doing
Continued guidance and opportunities for support
Special invitations to participate in Holding Circles for Professionals

Payment options for equity

We're committed to making sure our offerings are as price accessible as possible. To honor that, we offer different pricing options to suit your needs. Below are our readily available pricing options, to access a more equitable payment plan, please email to make your request.

Enrollment w/o CEU Credit $447

Enrollment w/ CEU Credit $497

2 Payment Plan Enrollment w/o CEU - $257 x 2

2 Payment Plan Enrollment w/ CEU - $232 x 2

Student Enrollment $347

2 Payment Plan Student Enrollment - $182 x 2

  • Please note: California practitioners have the option to receive CEU credits for attending.
  • Latinx Therapy is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education for LMFTs, LCSWs, LEPs, and LPCCs.
  • Course meets the qualifications for 8 hours of continuing education credit for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.
  • CEU’s are only approved for California certified practitioners.
  • Course completion certificates will be issued at the end of the course. You must attend live in order to receive a certificate.


Hola, queridos! Soy Leslie Priscilla. I’m a first-generation non-black Chicana mother to three bicultural children. I’m a descendant of Indigenous Tarahumara Rarámuri and Spanish lineages, and I’ve resided on occupied Tongva and Acjachemen land, a.k.a Orange County, CA, all my life.

I’ve been working with children, caregivers, and familias for over 14 years, both as a teacher and through work with various mental health organizations throughout Orange County. But now I share my medicine with you all through Latinx Parenting, the bilingual organization I founded.

Latinx Parenting is rooted in children’s rights, social & racial justice, and antiracism, and offers family education and support that is trauma-informed, healing-centered, amplifying of our strengths, advocacy, and culturally sustaining of and for the Latinx community and its allies.

Through curated and passionate content, workshops, and courses, Latinx Parenting supports parents, caregivers, and former Latinx children to heal their lineages, raise thriving future ancestors, and create more connection with themselves, their children, and their cultura. My belief is that through this work we can leave a legacy of thriving for our gente. I’m so happy that you’re with us on this journey!



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