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The newest workshop for healing intergenerational trauma

To heal our lineages, we must have the courage to confront intergenerational trauma through the practice of Reparenting…

In this NEW introductory workshop, Latinx Parenting Founder and Parent Coach Leslie Priscilla will guide you through a thorough and powerful discussion on what it means to divest from the harmful paradigm of violence and power-over dynamics in our relationships, beginning with how we relate to the youngest among us, and those who are the most marginalized in Latinx families: our children and our inner niñes.

As parents and caregivers, we’re been gifted with the collective sacred responsibility of shaping the next generation— one that embodies the principles of nonviolence, social and racial justice, and profound self-awareness so that our future ancestors fiercely commit to holding healthy relationships with themselves, with others, and the land.

Using a healing-centered approach, we will examine the many ways we can create healthy and thriving connections with our children, the inner niñes within us, and the most marginalized members of our Latinx familias. We will use the model of Reparenting Ourselves to nurture a relationship with Inner Niñe and our own Future Ancestor Self.

During this workshop, we will also explore moving away from parental, cultural, and systemic wounding and woundedness and step into a vision of liberation, joy, and thriving. Together, we’ll work toward deconstructing a world that hurts the most vulnerable and intentionally shed any messaging not aligned with our collective growth and fulfillment.

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Here's What We'll Cover - Workshop Objectives:

Understand the impacts of intergenerational trauma on Latinx communities a as a result of colonization
Reclaim parenting practices centered around joy and healing in order to break cycles of trauma in our familias
Gain strategies and support to foster healing, reclaim our power, and learn ways to thrive as a community
Identify & address internalized oppression within ourselves and our familias

What our comunidad has to say

While this is a lot of inner work, I'm excited to one day see the person I want to be

I realized I'm not alone in this process. So many points made during the workshop spoke to me and how deeply this has affected me and my relationship with my mom. I'm looking forward to changing the way I handle my daily activities whether they involve my mom or not, and to overall improve and be a better person over time
Andrea L.

I felt seen and Understood!

Like someone finally put into words all I've been working on with my own healing journey. Knowing it's okay to experience all the loss I feel yet at the same time feeling proud for showing up and taking care of myself. I felt validated
Crystal D.

Attending this workshop made me realize that I and many other are ready to see a change in our community.

I am motivated to learn more and get the message out there (#EndChanclaCulture) to see underprivileged communities blossom.
Stephanie O.

I walked away from this training with so much love and compassion for myself and with the tools I need to continue my healing journey

I often times do not think about my childhood because it's usually the painful parts that stand out. Through this workshop I learned to hold space for the duality and I was able to remember who my inner niña was, what she loved, and what she needed. I learned how important it is to honor her and implement this practice in my everyday life to heal my inner niña wound
Karen T.

Every single time I take a course with her, I learn something new about myself that has allowed me to move forward in my healing journey with more self-compassion and understanding.

In the end, I feel like a better mother and more confident, that I am doing my part to break toxic generational patterns and trauma. A mi manera especially helped by helping me realize that impact that physical, emotional and sexual abuse have on our psyche's even when "removed" by one or two generations.
Laura D.

This workshop has supported me in empowering a voice in my being

It has allowed me with a space of not feeling alone on this journey of breaking the generational colonization behind the chancla
Jennifer S.

Deep work Requires Intentional Space

We're very intentional about the space we create within all of our workshops. Experience and context matters. To protect that space, we have requirements about who is invited to join us in this live workshop.

Please review our specifications below:

You identify as a Latinx/Chicanx/BIPOC parent or caregiver
You are not or not yet a parent or caregiver but identify with having had parents who have roots in 'Latino America', these include immigrant parents, first and second-generation U.S. born Latinx self-identified parents
You do not identify as Latinx/Chicanx/BIPOC but are in partnership with a Latinx/Chicanx/BIPOC person either by marriage or otherwise
You are an ally or a professional that is part of a group/organization that advocates for Latinx/Chicanx/BIPOC families

Here’s what you’ll receive:

Escuelita Community

Invitation to become a founding member in our Escuelita Community in the Circle Platform


Live Q&A after the workshop

Spanish translation

We have Spanish interpretation available

Facts About Leslie:

  • First generation Xicana (Mexican-American) Single Mami to three bicultural children
  • Santa Ana-born & raised (Acjachemen / Tongva / Kizh)
  • Daughter of Immigrants from Mexico (Chihuahua, MX; Colima, MX) Rarámuri/Tarahumara Ancestry
  • Privileges – White/Non-Black Latina/Xicana, Educated, Sheltered,, Able-bodied, U.S. Citizen, etc. etc.
  • Founder – Latinx Parenting (@latinxparenting)
  • B.A. Child Development & Family Studies; MSW (on hold) Certified Trauma-Informed Nonviolent Parenting Coach & Facilitator (Trained by Ruth Beaglehole, founder of Echo Parenting)


Hola, queridos! Soy Leslie Priscilla. I’m a first-generation non-black Chicana mother to three bicultural children. I’m a descendant of Indigenous Tarahumara Rarámuri and Spanish lineages, and I’ve resided on occupied Tongva and Acjachemen land, a.k.a Orange County, CA, all my life.

I’ve been working with children, caregivers, and familias for over 14 years, both as a teacher and through work with various mental health organizations throughout Orange County. But now I share my medicine with you all through Latinx Parenting, the bilingual organization I founded.

Latinx Parenting is rooted in children’s rights, social & racial justice, and antiracism, and offers family education and support that is trauma-informed, healing-centered, amplifying of our strengths, advocacy, and culturally sustaining of and for the Latinx community and its allies.

Through curated and passionate content, workshops, and courses, Latinx Parenting supports parents, caregivers, and former Latinx children to heal their lineages, raise thriving future ancestors, and create more connection with themselves, their children, and their cultura. My belief is that through this work we can leave a legacy of thriving for our gente. I’m so happy that you’re with us on this journey!



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